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Apr 12 2024 Create an SPA with SvelteKit including Docker
A hands-on on how to create a Single-Page-Application with SvelteKit
Dec 21 2023 How to setup FluentValidation in a .NET Web Api
Learn to setup FluentValidation for Automatic Validation in your .NET Api.
May 7 2023 On becoming a Web-first dev
Why I am focusing on Web technologies
Feb 6 2023 How to deploy your site to Cloudflare pages
Take advantage of CI/CD and cf-pages free tier
Jan 31 2023 Tale of my own deployment tool
The missing gear for my projects
Jan 26 2023 How to use a Python venv from a Bash script
And an example building a simple API to show off
Jan 10 2023 Live compressing the Steam compat data to save space on the drive
Taking advantage of btrfs
Nov 1 2022 Software developer tools
How I see programming languages, dev tools. And other updates
Oct 24 2022 Tip: Secure your internet for free with Tailscale
Use tailscale to route your internet through a secure tunnel to an exit node that you control
Oct 20 2022 Mastodon and the fediverse: A quick introduction
Learn about the fediverse and start having conversations with Mastodon
Oct 12 2022 Site update: Static generated
Just a site update
Sep 28 2022 Hello World: The suffering of modern web development
My experience building this site and how modern web development is