These are all my blog posts.

2022 11 09 Home
How I feel about having everything on my domain name.
2022 11 01 Software developer tools
How I see programming languages, dev tools. And other updates.
2022 10 24 Tip: Secure your internet for free with Tailscale
Use tailscale to route your internet through a secure tunnel to an exit node that you control.
2022 10 20 Mastodon and the fediverse: A quick introduction
Learn about the fediverse and start having conversations with Mastodon.
2022 10 17 Identity
Gender and plurality: my experience and coming out.
2022 10 12 Site update: Static generated
Just a site update.
2022 09 28 Hello World: The suffering of modern web development
My experience building this site and how modern web development is.