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Articles that I read lately and felt the need to share/ I agreed with them.

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I might or not add comments, I only add them when I have something positive to say.

2022 11 09

most programming languages are fine, actually

Agreed on this, tools fits needs, there cannot be an ultimate problem solver.

2022 10 15

10 years of Barkley Pie's Slam Jam Slam Song

A story about old internet humor, ponies and basketball. As a millennial who also used Flash a lot in the old days, this article hits my nostalgia spot.

2022 10 14

Blasts from the past

All you need to know about creating a blog, from choosing a generator to deploying it.

2022 10 11

"Bitcoin and economic nihilism"

In this long article, the author goes through xer experience with cryptocurrencies and NFT. I must admit I have been a user of this technology, and it saddens me the amount of scams that are around it, transaction fees, third-parties and required KYC verifications. Overall, I enjoyed this article, I recommend reading it while taking breaks.

2022 10 04

There is no "software supply chain"

Agreed on this, people take for granted liability on Open Source software.

2022 10 03

Identity model software

Agreed, the limitations of believing that we only need one identity are harmful.