About me

Hello! My name is Lucie, but you can call me Luc.

I go by they/them pronouns, while talking Spanish, I use only femenine pronouns (ella).

I am a developer from Argentina.

Hobbies: Programming

I learned programming by myself, I find it enjoyable to create programs or scripts that solves problems. I work as a fullstack software developer at a known international company.

My tech skills include but are not limited to: JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, Go, Python, Lua, SQL.

I am currently learning Rust!

Hobbies: General

Apart from programming I enjoy gaming (both PC and VR), going out for a walk, working out, watching cartoons (such as My Little Pony) or tv shows (such as The Mentalist), and generally enjoying my time with my partner, I am also part of the furry fandom as my fursona is a raccoon.

Life views

I have my own definition of nihilism, I try to re-think how I interact with everything and find my own conclusions about them.

I identify as gender non-binary, as I dont associate with either cultural masculiny or femininity, I enjoy creating my own meaning of gender expression. I fully support LGBTQIA+.

I believe everyone should treat each other respectfully regardless of gender, and that they should show their own interests instead of what society tells them to do.